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About The School Partners

School Partners, a fast growing discount card company, is moving quickly across the country.

School Partners has grown out a passion to help schools and other groups raise money for their needs. Our team has over 30 years of experience and has been supporting groups in fund-raising ventures with a dedication to help reach their goals.

We are based on a WIN, WIN, WIN philosophy that supports schools, businesses and parents.


It's the easiest way to fundraise today. Full time customer service and a great marketing staff are there to help create a program specially tailored for your group's needs.

The Card Book is a value for the dollar fundraiser based on the inner circle of family and friends- no door to door. The parents love it because it pays for itself in just a few days and the schools love its simplicity and the facts that parents want to purchase it every year. The discount card book can be used everyday at your favorite places of business "everyday" with no need to carry a coupon book - it fits right in your wallet.


FREE ADVERTISING!! That's right and your customers form a bond of loyalty because of your support to their kids and organizations.

Reach your target market everyday by supporting School Partners.

Studies show advertising to be one of the most costly expenses for a business today.
Imagine that your target market can be reached everyday by a customer that feels a sense of loyalty for FREE. Call 1-800-437-4454 to see how you can participate.


It's definitely a Win Win situation for the parents. Not only are your children benefiting from the generosity of local businesses you also can save $1000 or more a year using your discount card book.

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